OUR WHY - Find Out Who You Are And Be Who You Are!

The IVORYXI Immigration  was created with a clear cause - OUR WHY. It is a feeling that comes straight from the heart!

It was founded by Ivory XI in 2016.

1. Ivory embraces the idea of 3 C's: CHOICES, CHANCE, CHANGES

Life is a never-ending quest to find out who you are and be who you are. 

There is no crystal ball to tell you if your adventure is a good CHOICE or a bad one.

However, if you don't take the CHANCE, your life will never CHANGE!



"It feels like a blueprint of a masterpiece architecture for me, and it I simply can't resist the urge to read it in and out.

Interpreting Immigration Laws and then applying them to clients' cases is like putting puzzles together. It is so much fun!"

3. Ivory wants to HELP IMMIGRANTS!

"I am one of you! I am an immigrant myself. I know exactly what a foreign student/worker/immigrant is going through in Canada. I know so well about the uncertainties, the obstacles and the challenges each of you faces. BECAUSE I WAS THERE! I want to help you BE HERE!"

OUR HOW - We do things right and we only do right things!

What we want to offer is, with OUR HOW, you say "that decision feels right," when you make your decision to choose our service.


CONFIDENTIALITY - what you have shared with us doesn't travel.

RESPECT - mutual respect takes human relationships long way.

HONESTY - it brings more than a peace of mind; it is the conscientiousness.

INTEGRITY - we say what we do, and we do what we say.


  • Professional Background

Ivory is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who is authorized by Canadian Immigration and Refugee Act, and governed by Canadian national regulatory body, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

  • Work Background

Ivory has been working with the Legal Services Society of BC (LSS, or Legal Aid) in Vancouver since 2007. She has held different positions with the organization.

Ivory has a wealth of knowledge on Canadian family law, criminal law and immigration law from years of front-line public services to people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Ivory is very familiar with community resources and services provided by Canadian federal and provincial governments. 

Ivory has translated more than 10 different publications in different areas of laws in Chinese while working at LSS. 

Ivory also had years of work experiences in sales and marketing with GE.

  • Personal Background

Ivory was born in China and has been living in Canada since 2007. Ivory calls Canada her home now.

Ivory graduated from the UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (UBC), holding the Certificate in Immigration Laws, Policies and Procedures. An instructor called Ivory “every instructor’s dream student!” Ivory was identified as an outstanding student and had an honor to give a speech at her graduation ceremony with UBC.

Ivory also has a MA in English Literature.

OUR WHAT - Legal Advice and Representation

Our services manifest what we believe and how we do it. Our WHY and our HOW takes us to OUR WHAT!


We interpret what law says and apply laws to your cases.

We explain options available to you and strategize the best solution for you.

We represent you throughout of your immigration application process and work towards your best interests.

We offer abundant government/community resources and referrals to you which will help you resolve your other issues and problems.